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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2011 Heat 10

by on Sep.01, 2011, under Gigs, Music, Review

Well it’s the final heat. Around 50 bands have tried their luck. Only a few have entered into the next stage. What happens to the rest? If they aren’t picked up as potential talent, they’re discarded like Paul Di Anno from Iron Maiden. Tonight’s heat was a weird mash from bog standard indie to avante garde mayhem.


Not my favourite. As soon as the generic indie started, I knew I wasn’t going to dig this band. It wasn’t just the fact that the songs offered anything original; it just felt rough, unplanned and unfinished. The guitars were out of tune on the bits that counted and the singer was very hard to hear. As a set, it just went on and on with no hope of improvement. Even the band looked as if they felt the same as I did. If there was ever a soundtrack to purgatory, it would be Feuds playing on a loop for eternity.


Fools and Scissors

The only time I’ve ever run full pelt to the front to see an unknown band was for CCAP. It wasn’t just the musical style that turned my head, it was the stage set up. How many bands have you seen lately where the lead guitarist uses a bow on a guitar that is attached to a workbench? How many bands have you seen play one long improvised wall of madness as their entire set? Needless to say, these guys were a bit of a niche act, but they were extremely talented. The drummer must have been jazz trained. At one point, the keyboardist started pouring water into a bucket whilst playing. Don’t ask me why he did this, I have no clue. CCAP are the most original and entertaining act I’ve seen in the last five years. There is no mystery why these guys won.

Fools and Scissors

These were another extremely young band, but with talent and a good direction. Fools and Scissors started with some floor shaking synth before bouncing into a bout of indie dance nonsense. The first song really held my attention, but the rest of the set was mostly hit and miss. The vocalist felt a bit inexperienced in places, but at some points, you could tell he is going to improve a lot. One thing that I found a little odd was the guitarist. At various points throughout their set, he was launch into some Van Halen-esque guitar tapping. Imagine The Automatic suddenly covering Hot For Teacher mid-song as that’s pretty much what happened. Fools and Scissors are an enjoyable new band who show a lot of promise.

The Rapids

Music To Drive Tanks To

Bursting on stage with a barrage of ear crippling riff hungry rock, I thought these guys would win by the crowd vote alone. Well tuned, well timed and tight enough to pierce a bullet proof vest. To compare sounds, it was like hearing early Offspring for the first time in ages. Not only was it fast and frantic, these guys decided to pull out some perfect vocal harmonies to ensure they had our undivided attention. I would bet my right buttock that these guys have been going for a couple of years at least. The Rapids play like they’re named and are an exciting band to watch live.

Music To Drive Tanks To

Clearly the oldest lot here, but they showed a lot of experience. Imagine if Kraftwerk and Massive Attack had a baby and made it conform slightly to mainstream music (try as hard as you can to imagine that!). That is pretty much what the result was with Music To Drive Tanks To. They were a very efficient three-piece with the drummer using an electronic drum kit about the size of a toddler. I have to say I really got into them. The only thing that let them down was the mid song banter which made them seem less cool than they set themselves up to be. I think the cold shoulder treatment could work a lot for these guys.

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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2011 Heat 7

by on Aug.22, 2011, under Gigs, Music, Review

Possibly one of the sunniest Sundays of the year. I came to the gig tonight with a glowing red face because I forgot to put on sun tan lotion, as usual. Lack of preparation was a theme for one of tonight’s bands, so I didn’t feel like I was completely alone. The results were very close and the crowd was very large throughout the rest of the night. It felt like it was the final, to be frank.

Join the Rising

Well, for the first band on, they didn’t sound too bad. Not that it was their sound they were playing. Think U2 covering The Cult in a shamelessly upbeat cookie cutter package that thinks it’s far more exciting than it actually is. Granted, the lead singer had a bit of confidence, talent and energy, but his demeanour was less of a rock star and more of a children’s entertainer trying too hard to appeal to the preteen demographic. This was made worse by too much talking in between songs. I’m all for the mid song chin wag, but half a minute later, I’m almost running up to the stage to shout into his ear to start playing; the irony of this being that I didn’t really like their music in the first place. It was pleasant and upbeat, but unoriginal yet dull at the same time. We’ll have to wait until Bono asks for their sound back before Join the Rising could look at going any further.

Citizen Unknown

Dead Man's Dance

These were most regular looking band of the evening. I would say they were regular sounding too, but that would be cruel. Living up to their name, the band entered the stage as quietly as possible in a doomed effort to not be seen. After more than enough second of awkward staring, they kicked in with some formulaic punky rock that was too pop to be punk, but too punk to be pop. From the back, the lead singer looked like a bizarre cross between Charlie Brooker and a darts player. The banter was a bit on the bizarre side; when introducing themselves, the lead singer claimed that the band was from Portsmouth, despite saying this in the most northern accent you can afford. Then he started giving an itinerary of what he plans to do later. I was bewildered, you can be sure of that. Citizen Unknown spent the rest of the set playing some rather samey numbers that started off well, but sounded like the last song they just played. Not the most enjoyable band of the evening, but not the least enjoyable band….

Dead Man’s Dance

These were the least enjoyable band of the evening. The compere didn’t even get a chance to introduce them before they snuck onto the stage and started playing. After roughly half a minute of sloppy by-the-numbers indie rubbish, they pulled the brakes and stalled the entire set due to the drummer snapping his only pair of sticks. No, seriously; that was the reason. I would have used that window to exit the stage in shame, but oh no, it carried on after the most cringing minute all week. There was nothing to rescue here at all. It was like I had just repaired a car made out of cardboard in order to drive to my own execution. Dead Man’s Dance could act as a stark warning to other would be bands about preparation, composition and how to avoid burying your chances at ever playing a gig again. Dead Man’s Dance?! Dead Man Walking, more like.

Guerilla Gorillia

The Founders Of

After seeing that shambles before them, these guys seemed like they would have won the evening. In terms of instrumentation, there was nothing really wrong apart from the lead guitarist suddenly sounding like he was in a different band, but this didn’t happen enough to collapse the set. There was also a cheeky bit of dual guitar harmonisation. The band must have seen my Thin Lizzy t shirt and wanted to impress me on the fly. There were other moments like this where they wanted to show off their talent, but it often felt out of place in their songs. Still, they sounded alright. The problem is that these guys are all very talented technically, but they need to make more catchy songs before they could get a lot more gigs in. The minute that Guerilla Gorilla pen a few hooky numbers, we’ll have a band worthy of regular support, and maybe even a headline gig in a few years.

The Founders Of

This is the third time I’ve seen these guys and they have improved a lot. Still not my bag, but very tight and energetic. They had that poppy ska sound that doesn’t use trumpets, with moments of Radio 1 rock slid in to please the average punter. And it worked; the crowd got going and were shouting for an encore by the end of the set. It was pretty obvious that most of the people there were TFO fans, and it wasn’t just the phalanx of TFO t shirts that gave this away. The only thing that lets them down is that no song really stands out from the set. This didn’t stop them from winning the evening, however.

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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2011 Heat 6

by on Aug.18, 2011, under Gigs, Music, Review

Mid week is a brave time to host a local gig. As well as it being close to the end of the month where money supplies are low, most people have work in the morning or kids to look after. At the beginning of this showcase night, it felt like the entire crowd could fit into a crumbling outhouse. But thankfully, a barrage of hooting punters poured in after the first band. Bit unfair on the first guys on, but then again, efficient self promotion is the bread and butter of breaking through.


Possibly one of the hardest band names I’ve ever had to write down or pronounce. What does it mean anyway? Thankfully, the band were ultra quiet at the start of their set to allow me to ponder this name even more. That was their first problem; lack of banter and stage presence. I don’t want to lay into them for this, but it was cringingly awkward at times, like the lead singer had been unexpectedly teleported from his bathroom and was still getting used to the fact he was in a band. But that aside, he had a very good singing voice. It was possibly the best feature of the band. As a group they played very well, but the songs were a little mild. Kind of a like a pop indie song you play to lift you up from a bad mood. Some of their material kept me interested, despite being a bit poppy for my liking. Jaqunion are one to keep an eye on.

Cavern Club


Now this had to be the youngest looking band of the entire night. It would have had to have been their first gig judging by how they played and how much they got the crowd going – which was not very well, I’m afraid. Not only did they feel rather sloppy in places, the songs just failed to get me going. They felt half finished and you could see the parts that they forgot to paint over. It was almost like they were so eager to get a gig that they didn’t give themselves more time to sort themselves out. They wanted to sound like an indie band that uses a lot of weird syncopated beats, but came across as a trio of kids who were trying to run before they could walk. Maybe they should give themselves a few months before they hit the stage again.

The Harrassments

It was pretty evident from just before their set that this group of swaggering Arctic Monkey wannabe’s sold the most tickets for the evening. They were the most boisterous following I’ve ever seen at a showcase gig, and I saw a group of kids moshpitting to a Rage Against The Machine tribute act last year. The Harrassments played like they were on their 6th gig of the month. They had the confidence and the skill to make the crowd louder than they already were. Swagger would be the right term to use when describing the stage presence. They had the banter, they had the fans and they could write a good tune. The reason why this well played group didn’t win the competition? They were essentially an Arctic Monkey’s tribute band. Right down from the fast drum playing to the same chords used by the Radio 1 baiting indie plank spankers. These guys will go far as long as Arctic Monkeys stay in the charts.



I love it when a band has my attention from the start without acting like a gaggle of gits. Nomura calmly came on stage and exploded in a ball of crunchy rock. At first, I thought we had another tribute act on the go, but they started moving to an early 90’s sound. There were flecks of Led Zeppelin and Smash-era Offspring that almost turned them into an imitation, but they had a fresh take on it that set them apart from everyone else that evening. They were, by far, my favourite act of the evening and I cheered a little too loudly when they won. Nothing let them down during their set. They were very close to perfection. Stop what you’re doing right now and check them out.


Finished checking out Nomura? Good! Anyway, the last act of the evening fitted in with everyone else. Kizmit have been going for a while and they’re still playing as strong as ever. There sound is a bit too poppy for my liking, but it still had a good sound to it. After a while, the songs began to get a bit samey and I pretty much lost interest. There wasn’t much to look at on stage as it was just a crowd of well dressed guys standing still. Whether this was due to lack of space or lack of confidence, I couldn’t tell you. Kizmit are a well meaning band, but I think their sound is starting to show some serious crow feet.

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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2011 Heat 2

by on Aug.01, 2011, under Gigs, Music, Review

I got the call on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Some bands needed judging with a glaring eye and I had two of those. Glaring eyes that is. I put on my sexiest shirt and made my way down to the Wedgewood Rooms to sort out which band deserved to get into the next round of this grand fight to the death. To spoil the ending for everyone, this is the hardest heat I’ve ever judged. Out of the five bands, three of them deserved to get through to the next stage. The other two? Well, I’ll save that part of the story when I reach it. Or remember it. It’s already a hazy night. Onto the first band.

Observing The Ghost

Advertised as some kind of Radiohead-esque Placebo thingy, this was a very young band. Some of their sound came off very well, but they’re a young band. Looking at them on stage, the sense of mild awkwardness waved at your face like a large dangling trout. It didn’t affect the music too much, but it would appear that the vocalists didn’t do their warm up session for their voices before hand, so a lot of their warbling came out a tad flat. Shame. There seemed to be something alright going on here, even if it was rather dull. What started off as promising songs just didn’t go anywhere. It was like they found the first groove they could find and just stick with it for the next four minutes. Nice first attempt, but no biscuit!

Waking Charred

This was quoted as the band I should be listening to. And it was. It was post rock instrumental nonsense; the kind of nonsense I love. Have we found a winner? Well, not in this case, but will look into seeing them a lot more. One massive turd nearly block up their set in the form of a technical issue on the first song. The most infuriating part was that I knew they had a good sound, but it was being spoiled. But chuck a band in the deep end and sometimes they’ll come up swimming. Or drown horribly. Waking Charred torpedoed back with some fantastic post rock. Even if their sound was a bit mainstream for the genre, I would use this to break someone’s post rock hymen, if you will.

The Fall Of Arcadia

I’m sorry, but I burst out loud with girlish laughter when this hulking metal behemoth screamed onto stage. Was it the fact that it was a vast contrast in tone to the last two bands? Was it the fact that they were so heavy it was border lining on sharp parody? Or maybe it was the lead singer’s metal “Oinking” vocals that caused me to suddenly crack up under pressure. All this aside, they were a superb thrash act. By the time they were halfway through their set, it was clear that the previous two bands wouldn’t be winning. How can music from the Isle of Wight be that good?! Am I missing out on something by having the good luck to live on the mainland? In case you haven’t noticed, this band has been making me ask a lot of questions, which can only be a good sign. Tight as Christian’s anus and just as unforgiving.

We Are Traitors

And yet another band who pretty much wiped the floor over the previous few. Not that the last guys were bad, but as I said: There were too many good bands in this heat tonight. Just like the last band, my head turned instantly. I could have been facing the other way and I would have turned my head so much that I would have ended up with permanent damage. Their sound was like an extremely heavy metal brick, but with some of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard all week (and it’s been a pretty riff-tacular week). Visually, every member of the band was showing the energy needed for this level of metal. And they didn’t look half bad either, speaking as a heterosexual male. It’s no surprise that they came out as the winners. Heavy, riffy and sexy.

Filthy Ramirez

Put your shirt on. Put your shirt on. Put your shirt on now! PUT YOUR SHIRT ON! PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!!! FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!! PUT YOUR FUCKING SHIRT ON YOU FUCKING GINGER FUCK!!! I could stop the review there and I would have pretty much summed up the entire set of this awful band. The first song was just a dull instrumental played by some long haired pre-teen hairdo’s before some shirtless, pigeon-chested, faux-angry ginger twat bag ponced on stage and started ruining music. Forever. The rest of the set was the same god-fucking-awful song played over and over again until, to relieve monotony, the lead singer tried to start a fight with “those cunts at the back”, who just happened to be me and two other people judging the competition. I really hope they came to some physical harm after the night was over.

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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2010 – Heat Three

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Photography provided by Martin Hoare

With a rather big diamond in the chuff found last time, this heat was harder to find such guess a winner. There was no band there that was miles above the rest. Just a pool of just about average acts. I didn’t find my foot tapping or my head nodding, so I can’t really see any of the acts featured here making it to the final. However it was still interesting.


First up were Real Estate. Can’t say that I warmed to them too well, although their entrance did turn a few heads with its pre-recording cockney yelling. They had the image of a band that kicked arse, but seemed to lack the extra leg that is required to do so. By no means were they crap. Just out of time and generic. Maybe this sort of brand of hardcore metal just isn’t up my street. Either that or they weren’t making the genre jump out for me. That, and the screaming singing got tired halfway through the set and resumed normal speaking tone; the most un-metal of all tones. Could be something if the band had a strong direction instead of just wanting to be in a band.

Preacher are a band that I’ve already reviewed, so by all means skip to the next band. To sum up the bands general sound would be me saying “Imagine the film track to the 1986 Transformers film. Yes. All the songs sounded the same and had an outdated faux hard rock riff heavy mess to it. There isn’t much else to say apart from this band could have turned some heads, ever so slightly, about over 20 years ago at a push.

Now I didn’t expect the next band to win at all. Then again, I didn’t expect any band to win. I expected the outcome to be decided through tic tac toe or Battleships. Whatever was available. The band was let dow2n from the star with equipment issues from the guitarists. I feel really bad singling members out like this, but the guitars really sounded that bad. Bad in a way that’s played through an inferior amp and is behind the singer and drummer; who sounded like the real talent in the band. It was hard to fault just them, but the rest let the band down. Oh, except when the lead singer used the “Ready to Rumble” blurb that gave a creepy P J & Duncan vibe to the set. Looking back on it, I can see why they did win.

Not winning this heat was Freakpit; possibly the novelty act? Now I do think that costumes can be a good idea if you need something to distract the listener into becoming a looker, but it didn’t. It really didn’t, possibly due to the inconsistent costumes or because I would have need a bigger distraction from the music. Again, not because it was bad, but because I’ve heard it all before. Poor man’s Rob Zombie comes to mind. The songs they played borrowed too many clichés from most metal songs in the last 30 years and also included an unwelcome Ting Tings cover. And they ended their set with balloons. Yes. Balloons. It is at this point I bring to your attention that the lead singer was dressed as a clown. Go figure.

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The Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2010 – Heat Two

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Is the one on the left hiding some embarrassing underpants stains in the washing machine?

Every now and again when the laws of nature leave early for the night, handing the work experience kid the keys, A chain of natural occurring events leads to the decision by the Wedgewood Rooms to make me a judge at the Wedgewood Rooms Showcase. It’s one of the biggest battle of the bands in the south and has given a lot of bands the opportunity to expose their talent/lack of (delete where appropriate).


Last night’s heat was an interesting one, even though it was more than transparent that the losing bands had no chance whatsoever against the winner. A band known as Mercury Rising had pulled out at the last minute, allowing us to close shop early.

The first band slot is always a light one. Something to ease you into the night. The Fun Bus were that kind of light, despite having a band name with questionable undertones. Only if you read into that sort of thing like I do, mind. I say light, however, it was dull. Rather dull.

When you think of ska, you think of a party with people bouncing and a lot of brass. Well there was a lot of brass, but it metaphorically, and literally, stood to the side of the stage. It didn’t stand out like a good brass ensemble should do. However, fighting for the front of the stage would have turned out into a war as the band had a total of nine players. They could fill up a minibus, easily, but whether or not that will be a ‘fun bus’ is a different matter altogether.

This raised an issue of redundant positions in the band. Two guitarists doing the same thing just muddys the sound. The keyboardist could have filled this part, but wasn’t standing out at all. Nevermind! They’re young and they will learn.

Wood The Monkey. Wood The Monkey do what? I kept scratching my hairy ape head trying to work out if this was a private joke or just a crap name. It certainly provided a needed distraction from the set. It was terrible. Cookie cutter pop rock played sloppily and presented by what can only be described as a fallen children’s TV presenter. At one point he introduced a song by making violent monkey noises. His dignity was obviously popping out for a fag around that point.

I came away from their set with absolutely nothing. Plus the drummers used condom looking hat just angered me. As soon as the last song was finished, I went outside to pinch a fag off the lead singers dignity. How’s that for irony?

I hate it when an obvious winner pops up as you can’t find any criticism. You start staring at them long enough hoping that you can find a chink in their armour to exploit for a couple of words before struggling to extend the words ‘you’re great’ into a paragraph.

What can I say about 10p Short? Well if you like recent Kings of Leon (you’re dead to me if you are) you’ll love this. It’s well performed and professional sounding pop rock with a mature and tender edge to it. Make out music for yuppies, basically.

They even managed a four way vocal harmony which was nothing less than pitch perfect. Damn you 10p Short for not making my job in finding things to improve upon easy. Plus they had the image going on which helped in their favour.

I’m not gay.

When a novelty act comes to these contests, you really need to question if there’s any real future for them. Bobby Random entered the stage dressed up like Mexicans and made everyone howl just by trying to affect an accent. It was funny for a bit, but got rather too silly for my liking.

But they played tightly and were fun to watch. I can’t really see this act taking off unless they focused towards the comedy side of things, but come on; the market for that’s a bit thin around here.

A bit of a mixed heat, but we already have a great contender and some eye candy.

For the women, I mean.

I’m not gay!

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“With great power chords comes great responsibilty”

by on Jul.02, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Justic Force 5

I held that pose through their entire set, it was that good!

Well it’s been a while since I saw a live band and I’ve been going stir crazy after living without the missus for 2 months so I thought I would make best my presence at the Edge of the Wedge. I was told that a band right up my street (well, round the corner from my street, geographically) would be there to rock my much rocked cock off. This is the first review that I do where I wonder into a completely different gig halfway through the night.

Have fun having your mind blown.

Kodiak Jack

Third time seeing these guys and they always tickle my ears. Sounding like Pearl Jam, Velvet Revolver and Soundgarden put into the same heroin hypo. It’s crunchy man rock and I love! I’ve loved them ever since I face palmed myself for screwing up my schedule thus missing the chance for them to guest on my radio show.

Really it’s the inclusion of the backing vocals that do it for me. And bloody good backing vocals they are. When grunge comes back into fashion again, these guys will ride that wave high, quite frankly. Plaid wearing rock at it’s finest.

The Ruderalis

I did not get this band. Don’t make me try as it will just make me dislike them. No that I did dislike them, but there wasn’t a lot to be liked. They sounded tight, played well, but the songs were too hip, too twee and after two songs I left.

To sum it up; Hip indie boys trying to make you happy by excessive upbeat music.

I don’t like being forced to cheer up!

At this point I snuck into the Wedge to catch a local favourite of mine: Contra.


Can I call it post rock? I may try and get away with giving them that label. It’s that kind of alternative rock you hear that just blows shit away. Very heavy, very shouty and very good! The set started off with a few problems with Russ’s guitar, but the band decided to (according to Adam) make up something on the spot.

Most entertaining, my dear fellow.

The only problem was you could see the floor in the venue; there was hardly anyone there. At this point a single tearsrop splashed on the floor. Support your local music scene, people!

Back to the Edge after a quick smoke on my pipe!


I like Dendera. They area a fun band if you like cheesy Eighties metal if you can excuse the instrumentation being a bit rough around the edges. What I saw wasn’t Dendera. Their singer, Dave Hartley, was nowhere to be seen. He was easily the most memorable member. A true showman who looked like he was having the time of his life upstage.

Mr Hartley; where ever you are, please make yourself known!

In his place we had an amateur kareokeist. It was clear that she had next to no practice with the band , not because of the shy stage presence, not because of the out of time and dull vocals, but because she had a friend holding up the lyrics in front of her (photo evidence will be included with this review).

Heavy metal lyrics aren’t the hardest to remember.

Swords. Denim. Leather. Steel.

That’s all you need to know.

The band then ejected this singer halfway to riff off some generic instrumentals, before covering DIO and Iron Maiden.

Rest In Peace Dendera.

Justice Force 5

By far the most amazing entrance that a band has made in this venue. Soaring with the Batman theme tune (1989 film, not ‘na na na na na’) as they made their way to the stage (yes, all 2 meters!) the crowd’s jaws were tickling the floor. I’m still excited from it as I type this.

The idea for the band is sheer genius. They are a team of super heroes who save the world with awesome hard rock. They could survive as a decent band if they focused on either the fantastic superhero stage presence, or the catchy hard rock. But they do both great at the same time.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen pyrotechnics being used at the Edge.

For some reason, the music and the costumes instantly brought to mind the 1998 Matt Stone and Trey Parker comedy film ‘Orgazmo’. Songs titles that stick out include ‘You’re a Bitch, but you got balls’ (‘so put your balls on my balls’ – I had to go to wee from laughing so hard), ‘Fuck me like you Owe Me Money’ and ‘The Organ Grinder’.

During the latter song, we were introduced to the band’s nemesis; The Organgrinder who provided a bloody pantomime in the form of a music battle against the band. Narrative is usually left out of gigs, but it was more welcome here than ever.

If this band had the same budget and space as Alice Cooper has to do a live show, all live acts from then on will be ruined for you.

If grunge comes back into fashion, could we please have a trend for superhero based bands?

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The B Of The Bang @ The Wedgewood Rooms

by on Feb.20, 2010, under News

B Of The Bang - 1It’s not often that you see a local band play to a sell out venue. It’s great to behold even if it triples the time it takes to be served at the bar. It’s also not often that a band starts their set in the middle of the crowd rather than the safe confines of a stage. A normal gig was what I was expecting, but I was surprised. Truly surprised. Donning black hoodies and white facepaint, Portsmouth band The B of the Bang fooled the audience as soon as the stage lights turned up; the crowd heard music, but couldn’t see a band. It took ten seconds to realise that the band had started an acoustic set in the crowd.

After the surprised audience applauded, the band worked there way onto the stage to continue their set. With a sound that encompasses folk into modern rock, The B of the Bangs songs have a sound that you don’t hear often. It’s indie. It’s folk. It’s post rock. It’s hard to put your finger on, but it’s good. I found myself already humming along to some of the tunes they were that catchy. The band even pulled out an accordion during one of the songs and a xylophone in another. Musical diversity like this is a rare thing to behold at a sell out gig.

I found myself already humming along to some of the tunes upon only just hearing them they were that catchy. The B of the Bang’s album ‘Beginning. Middle. End’ is available on CD and download from their website (www.thebofthebang.co.uk). For those of you out there wanting to hear an original act that will be going places, The B of the Bang is the band you are looking for.

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Whole Lotta Led @ The Wedgewood Rooms

by on Feb.19, 2009, under Gigs, Review

Whole Lotta Led

Pictured: The definition of overcompensating

Tribute acts provide a great service to the live music industry. With major rock outfits departing, dying or deciding to let Phil Collins sing, it’s nice to know that you can always find a tribute act that isn’t too different from the real deal. Whole Lotta Led are the UK’s busiest Led Zeppelin tribute act and their full tour schedule never wears them out.

Playing to a sold out Wedgewood Rooms of a few hundred fans, this fine four piece almost convinced you that possibly the worlds greatest rock band was playing for you at a bargain price. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelins début album, we were treated to the 1968 treat in its entirety. The lead singer, looking incredibly similar to Robert Plant, successfully imitated the improvised blues style of his hero. The drummer’s time to shine came with the medley that started on song Moby Dick. This led into an impressive, if slightly long, drum solo that led into another song and then back again to finish off the melody.

With the well known song Whole Lotta Love came the extended trippy performance. Theremin in hand, the guitarist created a range of noises that gave a spacey feel to the song. The evening was fantastic. This band would be perfect for Led Zeppelin fans, as well as anyone who feel that it’s been a long time since they’ve rocked and rolled.

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