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Muse – The Resistance

by on Oct.14, 2009, under Albums, Music, Review

Muse - The ResistanceI still remember the first time I saw the video for ‘Plug In Baby’ on a battered ‘Kerrang!’ VHS (pre-DVD technology, kids!) and thinking what a wonderful sound. It wasn’t long before the band known as Muse were storming the alternative music scene with their powerful mix of drama and power. After the pinnacle that was ‘Absolution’, the sky was no longer the limit. Unfortunately, the band decided to splinter into an indecisive web of pop obscurity.

Fans of Muse’s rock origins will be disappointed to know that the new album abandons the power and emotion in favour of a dull, robotic radio-friendly affair. It’s too similar to the previous albums mode of direction and decides to explore the side of that experience that would have probably have been better left jettisoned into a super-massive black hole. The album kicks off promisingly, with a nice ‘Doctor Who’ sounding space rock anthem “rebelliously” titled ‘Uprising’, but dithers with progression, with less than enough memorable tracks on offer. It’s only the closing three tracks (the ‘Exogenesis’ Trilogy) that offers the album any major saving grace with its booming orchestral sound harking back to the fabled ‘Absolution’ era.

Whilst lacking originality and power, this album is worth the one listen. Hopefully Muse will eventually go back to sneakily borrowing from Radiohead rather than shamelessly ripping off Queen.

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