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The Answer @ The Pyramids

by on Dec.06, 2009, under Gigs, Music, Review

The Answer - 2Fresh from their tour supporting ‘AC/DC’, Irish rock band ‘The Answer’ make a bigger name for themselves with this years tour. The venue was half packed by the time the band came on and the excitement was running in the crowd thanks to some great support. First band on were a nice heavy metal group called ‘Black Spiders'; a band looking AND sounding like a modern day Black Sabbath. The riffs were heavy, the hair was long and swinging, and their was a lot of . A great start. A slightly disappointing group followed known as ‘General Fiasco’, a floppy haired indie band with about as much on stage presence as a trapped fly.

The audience didn’t warm to them as much. The songs sounded like they were written by a group of teenagers who have just learned to write music at a basic level. They couldn’t even be bothered to write endings for their songs. ‘General Fiasco’ felt wrongly billed; a lame indie flavoured filling in a sandwich of rock music. With enough time to drown the previous droning echo from our memories, ‘The Answer strutted on stage acting like they were ‘Led Zeppelin’…but not in a disrespectful way. Giving the same energy they had when support ‘AC/DC’, the crowd went mad. Some unwelcome pre-teens at the front mistook the event for a ‘Limp Bizkit’ concert and started moshing and jumping around I almost believed they were under the effects of an epileptic fit. Almost ruined the night for the older members of the audience who just want to watch a good band play without re-enacting the battle of 1666. Anyway, jumping children aside, Each song played felt like it was the last one of their set. A sound that comes from a band with a good amount of experience under their hair.

The only niggle I had with ‘The Answer’ is that after halfway through their set, the songs start to feel as if they are repeating themselves, an expected problem with modern bands trying to sound like ‘the good old days’ of rock. An hours set and 2 encores later and the fans are still cheering like crazy (the children had gone home by this point as it was school the next day). The band were even nice enough to meet their fans after the gig. If you’re looking for a modern band with a sound of well carved seventies rock, then ‘The Answer’ is for you, so long as you bring a riot shield to deal with flying children.

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The Answer – On And On single

by on Apr.20, 2009, under Albums, Music, Review

The Answer


Alerting you with a guitar ringing out, already you know that this track is going to end rocky. It starts pretty rocky too. Think of that AC/DC style of rock and I probably don’t have to go on about how the song sounds, but that would be boring. It seems that there is an uprising of these rock reviving rebels keeping the dying genre of old school hard rock riding round the highway to hell. Bands like “Airbourne” and “Wolfmother” see no shame in playing a style of music that is listened to by many of our dads.

Age debate aside, the sound is coming back and “The Answer” are bursting out of your speaker’s telling you that rock has never died. It’s hard not too believe; this is the liveliest sound today. So much screaming soul and gritty guitaring make this a perfect song to put on repeat whilst doing something vaguely exciting and rebellious. It’s about time some music with a bit of testosterone came back into the scene after hearing such dull music recently. I couldn’t imagine “Coldplay” or “Arctic Monkeys” coming up with an energetically rocking tune.

The drums are tight, the vocals grab you by the ear drums and the guitaring leaves you bobbing your head like nodding like it’s trying to remove itself from your shoulders. “The Answer” have brought proof that the rock resurrection is upon us.

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The Answer – Everyday Demons

by on Mar.25, 2009, under Albums, Music, Review

The Answer Everyday DeomonsHow long will it be until another great blues rock band comes along? When will we encounter another great no-nonsense rock band? No need for more questions: here is “The Answer”. In the true spirit of rock, this outfit wastes no time with deep music. It’s short and to the point.

These new rockers are bringing the old style of rock music back to its blues roots that too many bands today have forsaken in the name of radio friendly garbage. A true and honest blues edge shimmers around this band and the new album “Everyday Demons” is proving that rock can deliver you powerful music to your front door first class. Opening with the bouncing glory that is “Demon Eyes”, it’s hard not to like the sound of this new band. Fans of early “Whitesnake” and “The Black Crowes” will be right at home with such tracks like “Too Far Gone”, with it’s straining blues vocals, and the single “On and On” that pays tribute to the classic rock sound not heard since the Seventies.

Barely any of the tracks stray from hard rock style. “Why’d You Change Your Mind?” fools you with its slow and calm start that lulls you into a sense of relaxation before kicking you out of your chair with a boot made of rock. The album never fails to raise a smile and a fist. Perfect for old school rockers of all ages.

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