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Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2010 – Heat Three

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Photography provided by Martin Hoare

With a rather big diamond in the chuff found last time, this heat was harder to find such guess a winner. There was no band there that was miles above the rest. Just a pool of just about average acts. I didn’t find my foot tapping or my head nodding, so I can’t really see any of the acts featured here making it to the final. However it was still interesting.


First up were Real Estate. Can’t say that I warmed to them too well, although their entrance did turn a few heads with its pre-recording cockney yelling. They had the image of a band that kicked arse, but seemed to lack the extra leg that is required to do so. By no means were they crap. Just out of time and generic. Maybe this sort of brand of hardcore metal just isn’t up my street. Either that or they weren’t making the genre jump out for me. That, and the screaming singing got tired halfway through the set and resumed normal speaking tone; the most un-metal of all tones. Could be something if the band had a strong direction instead of just wanting to be in a band.

Preacher are a band that I’ve already reviewed, so by all means skip to the next band. To sum up the bands general sound would be me saying “Imagine the film track to the 1986 Transformers film. Yes. All the songs sounded the same and had an outdated faux hard rock riff heavy mess to it. There isn’t much else to say apart from this band could have turned some heads, ever so slightly, about over 20 years ago at a push.

Now I didn’t expect the next band to win at all. Then again, I didn’t expect any band to win. I expected the outcome to be decided through tic tac toe or Battleships. Whatever was available. The band was let dow2n from the star with equipment issues from the guitarists. I feel really bad singling members out like this, but the guitars really sounded that bad. Bad in a way that’s played through an inferior amp and is behind the singer and drummer; who sounded like the real talent in the band. It was hard to fault just them, but the rest let the band down. Oh, except when the lead singer used the “Ready to Rumble” blurb that gave a creepy P J & Duncan vibe to the set. Looking back on it, I can see why they did win.

Not winning this heat was Freakpit; possibly the novelty act? Now I do think that costumes can be a good idea if you need something to distract the listener into becoming a looker, but it didn’t. It really didn’t, possibly due to the inconsistent costumes or because I would have need a bigger distraction from the music. Again, not because it was bad, but because I’ve heard it all before. Poor man’s Rob Zombie comes to mind. The songs they played borrowed too many clichés from most metal songs in the last 30 years and also included an unwelcome Ting Tings cover. And they ended their set with balloons. Yes. Balloons. It is at this point I bring to your attention that the lead singer was dressed as a clown. Go figure.

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