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Left 4 Dead

by on Feb.18, 2009, under News, Review, Video Games

Left 4 Dead - Survivors

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Zombies; a well used monster in the horror movie genre. Whether there are a crowd of shambling corpses or a gang of sprinting cadavers, horror fans are entertained. But the real focus in most zombie movies is never usually the zombies themselves, but the survival and day to day lives of the heroes depicted. “Half-Life” creators, Valve, have created a zombie game that focuses solely on working together as a team.

“Left 4 Dead” features four different survivors, a handful of weapons and an entire horde of screaming, scratching and smelly undead to defend against. Players can choose one of four campaigns, each taking place in different locations. The first campaign has you fighting across a city, through the subway, ending with an epic showdown on a hospital roof.Of course, walking the streets is never easy.

Along with the ravenous hordes, you also have to contend against special “boss” zombies with unique abilities. For example, a “Smoker” can constrict and asphyxiate players with a large frog-like tongue. Such situations like these call upon your partners in the game to free you from such constraints.

Left 4 Dead - Horde

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Playing online with friends is the preferred method to play this game, as the team work element shines its best this way. Despite a great co operative experience, the game feels a little let down by lack of weapon variety and slightly dated looking graphics. So far that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the survival experience that all zombie fans have been waiting for.

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