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Microsoft to launch Kinect for Windows commercial program

by on Nov.02, 2011, under News, That VideoGame Blog

A full year has passed since the Xbox’s answer to the Wii started to make people wave their arms around the room without a controller. Now it would appear that Microsoft’s new motion technology is not going to be restricted to just games, as Kinect is looking to transform itself into a business tool.

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The XBOX has lost weight…and hardware problems. A first look at the XBOX 360 Slim.

by on Jun.19, 2010, under First Look

XBOX 360 Slim

Why always obsidian black? When will the first ever tweed console hit our stores?

If you haven’t got a new console coming out soon, why not flog the old one off with go faster stripes? During the last console generation, the Playstation 2 squeezed out a slimline version of itself for gamers with increasingly shrinking space in their rooms. Not only was the slimline model impressively compressed, but it was sold at a cheaper price. How else would you fob off what is essentially the same thing, but midgetized?

Last year saw Sony playing the same tactic with the Playstation 3. The slimline version consume less power, as well as desk space. Not wanting to be outdone, Microsoft have decided to go in the same direction; making the XBOX more like the Playstation 3.

Speaking as an XBOX owner, I do prefer playing a 360, but I will admit that the Playstation 3 is a superior console in terms of hardware. Built in Wi-Fi connection, SATA based hard drive as well as the console itself operating on a whisper. Famous for its painful red ring, the 360s new outfit sees an end to the console haemorrhaging all over the floor after 3 hours of play, as well as shushing it’s loud operating noise. This has been an ongoing problem that has caused owners to waste money further on external fans that do as much for the over heating problem as giving the console a camp hand fanning.

Now Microsoft have, after a couple of years, ‘sorted’ this problem. One does remain slightly at guard of another side effect occurring. Another fantastic feature is the inclusion of more USB ports. Well, good if you have Rock Band’s many wired instruments.

But believe it or not, this is not the consoles biggest selling point.

As seen at the E3 this year, Sony and Microsoft have drunkenly stumbled into Nintendo’s motion pad waving twat demographic. Whilst Sony went with the ‘copy and paste’ method, Microsoft went with the slightly more subtle ‘borrow’ method.

The Kinect is the Eye Toy crossed with a Wii-mote. A sensing camera that allows the user to get more inside the game. Well, I say game. All that has been demonstrated so far is stroking a tiger. A well rendered tiger, but a one-dimensional concept nonetheless. The new XBOX console will have ‘special ports’ to connect with this motion device.

Oh, and it’s got HDMI, separate optical audio out port and a 250GB hard drive included. The new console is more of an apology than an update.

Here’s to the end of sponging off the XBOX 360s much used warranty!

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