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North Korea invades! A First Look at Homefront

by on Nov.30, 2010, under First Look

Just when I doubted that I would ever find another game worth getting excited about in the next six months, I find something that could fill my craving. This could have something to do that this new game has a lot in common with Freedom Fighters, an old favourite of mine. Freedom Fighters takes place in an alternate history where the Soviets won World War Two and slowly gain world domination until one day they invade America and it’s up to you to attach the stars and stripes to the end of your erect penis and fuck the enemies to death with salty patriotism. Somehow, the highly nationalist overtones didn’t get in the way of a great game with great story and setting.

I never really did understand the fourth of July

Which brings me to Homefront, the latest shooter in a long line of shooters that look at Call Of Duty the same way pick pockets look at Fagin. OK, that’s a bit harsh, but with the endless churning of COD clones steaming up my glasses from other games that last more than 4 hours it’s hard not to be an FPS sceptic. But I love FPSs and nothing going to change that. At a glance this looks like an amalgamation of Modern Warfare 2 and any Tom Clancy game concerning itself with North Korea, but the story in the game isn’t actually that bad. The year is 2027. America’s economic crisis puts the nation in a state of emergency resulting in overweight riots and redneck bigotry.

Meanwhile, North Korea has been gaining power (secretly, of course) and one day decides to invade America. So far, it’s pretty close to the Red Dawn territory of combining Hollywood entertainment with overt propaganda. But this time the propaganda-tainment (it’s a mouthful but I’m coining that phrase!) is pretty close to reality. If anything, this game is giving us a massive what-if filled pie with a crust made out of fear. And they’ve gone deep into giving the future an in depth back story too. But I’m not going to simply copy and paste it. You have google in front of you now, yeah?

"Any chance of me sitting on someone's lap?"

Onto the gameplay, or rather, what I can make out of it so far. It’s an FPS. You walk around and fire a gun. The only thing that makes this game stand out would be the setting and the fact that ‘guerilla tactics’ have been mentioned. That would be a nice antidote for the air strike and high-tec kit friendly Modern Warfare series. In terms of visuals so far it doesn’t look bad at all. The environments look detailed in a similar way Fallout 3 kept itself looking interesting and only needs a quick polish to keep itself ahead of COD.

It’s hard to tell whether the game will be worth getting at this stage as the release date is set for March next year and four months is long enough for an upcoming FPS to fall foul of the COD clone claymore mine. Given the game’s setting and the way the world situation with North Korea is going right now, the game will get lots of free publicity, or we’ll be reduced to cinders from the impending nuclear war. In either case, I hope it’s not going to be a COD clone…

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