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The Return Of The King, Baby – A First Look at Duke Nukem Forever

by on Jan.26, 2011, under First Look

Look familiar?

Ever get the feeling when something’s too good to be true? The horrible part of this sensation is the paranoid sense that the carpet will be swept up and you’ll fall back into a more boring reality. Even worse than this is bouncing from expecting something you’re willing to pay with your soul and working kidney, to casting it aside as a mere pipe dream. Now imagine this sensation bouncing back and forth for around 12 years. It sounds like a crap marriage doesn’t it? Ok, well not so much a marriage as waiting for the winning lottery numbers to materialise on your ticket. A hopeless wait.

The 1996 PC shooter Duke Nukem 3D is an all time favourite of mine. Not just for the guns and tits, but for the fantastic level design and interactivity. The news of the sequel, Duke Nukem Forever, came soon after. But with that came constant rehashing, rethinking and refusing to give anyone a clear date on when this highly anticipated guns-and-tits-em-up would explode onto the shelves. At one point it seemed to be all over. This was on game series that I couldn’t bear to see go. But in the last few months, news about Duke Nukem Forever has started to increase until just the other day when this trailer was released. I’ll give you a moment so you can watch it.

Well I’m spent! The excitement at seeing the preview shots of the game in production around ten years ago is about the same as the excitement of seeing the official trailer with a release date today. From the trailer, it’s easy to see that the controversial jiggling women and uber-gore won’t be left out. Not only that, but an obligatory vehicle section or two has been screwed on. So far, the graphics look as up to date as they can be, the level design shows promise and Duke is still the same smart mouthed, crew cutted macho shitter who knows no irony or subtlety.

He's all out of gum...

A few of the weapons look to make a welcome return including the shrink gun. Have they ever tried to do the shrink gun in games after Duke? Never mind. It’s ok. There’s a new Duke Nukem game to provide the urge to squish shrunken enemies in glorious high definition graphics. As far as we can see from the trailer, a highly explosive campaign mode will feature, but nothing has been said so far about the multiplayer possibilities. Not that it matters so much at this point. Now that a clear release date has finally been announced, I’m now crossing all appendages for the game to be worth the wait, rather than for the game to just exist. May 8th seems very far away.

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