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Five bands you should be listening to instead of Muse

by on Sep.18, 2011, under Opinion

For nearly 10 years, Muse have been in the spotlight of just about every music angle. From metal mags to pop programs, the powerfully melodic three-piece have a fan base the size of a large Eastern European country. But whilst hits including Hysteria and Plug in Baby can be played over and over again, isn’t it time we branched out for something a bit different? After all, you might be missing such top acts as: –

Dream Theater

A little bit on the metal side for the average Muse fan, but stick with them. If you’re a fan of the huge sound of the Hysteria album then you’ll love Dream Theater’s take on progressive metal. Where Muse began to branch out slightly with the use of synthesiser and space age effects, Dream Theater have already woven a vast mix of instrumentation (including a full orchestra) into their back catalogue. A huge sound with intense melodies and talent.

Porcupine Tree

One of the finest modern progressive acts you’ll ever here. Marrying accessible contemporary rock with the extended moody structures of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree are a must for any Muse fans collection. Created by British composer Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree have been going since the late 80’s and have, so far, released ten albums (one of which was award a Grammy), each with it’s own definable sound. An intelligent group with a big imagination, but they won’t go over your head.


Genre defying, original and ultra smooth. UNKLE are a hard duo to describe, as their sound can change at a moments notice. Start of with trip hop and go towards post rock with random dashes of electronica and sampling and you’ll only be halfway there. The duo’s work features guest appearances Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Ian Astbury (The Cult) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead). With one of the widest range of styles within one album, UNKLE are not one to miss at all.


If you’re a fan of the bizarre electro path that Muse took in the last few years, you’d best equip yourself with a better example of the genre. Ladytron are the sexiest thing to inflicted upon electronic instruments since Nine Inch Nails. With a wonderful pop sound that isn’t afraid to stray behind the lines of robotic and quirky, this 15 volt foursome show how the future of music could sound. Who needs to pose with a guitar when a powerful keyboard will do?


It’s no surprise to see the legendary Radiohead on this list, seeing as Muse were unofficially dubbed as a Radiohead tribute act. Essentially doing what Muse did about six years before they really took off, this act has done just about everything that is possible for a modern pop act can do. They’ve had the number one’s, they’ve done one of the best albums of all time, and they’ve even had the guts to turn their back on the mainstream in favour of doing whatever they hell they felt sounded new and refreshing. More then just ‘that gloomy band’, Radiohead are one of the finest British Exports of the last twenty years.

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