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Five bands you should be listening to instead of Metallica

by on Sep.28, 2011, under Opinion

Ask anyone who is a huge fan of heavy metal and Metallica is usually in their top five bands of all time. After all, they were one of the big acts to bring thrash metal roaring into the mainstream market and have influenced countless acts in the last twenty years. Whilst the rust is spreading forth ever so on this behemoth, shouldn’t we take some time out to check out other lords of metal that we should be bowing down to instead?


Without Motörhead, there would be no Metallica. Simple as. With a front man more famous for his rock and roll attitude and look than the band itself, these riff hungry speedsters have cemented themselves as one of Britain’s foremost rock bands for over three decades. You may only just remember them as ‘That band that did Ace of Spades’, but their raw rock styling’s spread across twenty albums. Even Metallica couldn’t resist to cover four of their hits when times were hard in the nineties.


More towards the blues spectrum of metal, but one to listen to if you prefer Metallica’s post-eighties hard rock sound. Clutch are consistently heavy without sacrificing traditional rock riffs. Think along the lines of Led Zeppelin and early Sabbath with a modern attitude and a manly image. Best served on a Harley whilst drunk on Jack Daniels and your own crushing ego. Forget Reload and load some Electric Worry into your player instead.


So Mr Mustaine is still probably sore about being politely escorted out of the band back in the eighties. But maybe if he took the time out to forget about Metallica and plugged into his own music once in a while, he’d have a happier outlook on life, politics and conspiracies. ironically, that stuff is fuel for this speed metal demon. Whilst Metallica got soft, Megadeth just got heavier. Possibly out of spite, don’t quote me on that!


Solid proof that all modern metal isn’t that derivative. Taking everything that has been done with the genre so far and launching it into the astral body, Mastadon go beyond hard. Like a charging ancient mammoth, this is an outfit that is powerful, uncompromising and hard to ignore. Their last album, Crack The Skye, is a progressive Metal concept album featuring songs based on Rasputin. Just goes to show that you can have both brains and brawn.


Eighties metal really got shown the way out of the hall when Pantera changed the sound of metal for all time. Featuring one of the most talented guitars ever to spank a plank into ecstasy, Metal found a way to grove as well as mosh. Alongside Phil Anselmo’s bile ridden vocal styling’s, angry music got livid. Pantera dominated metal in the Nineties just like Metallica Dominated thrash metal in the Eighties. If you listen to Cowboys from Hell very carefully, you can almost hear the torch being passsed.

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