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Bethesda reveals first New Vegas DLC details

by on Nov.18, 2010, under News, That VideoGame Blog

It’s been almost a month since Fallout: New Vegas has been out in stores and already Bethesda have announced the first downloadable content. Now it’s time for a few deets: the first add-on is named Dead Money, the publisher’s revealed, and it promises to add new terrain, foes and choices to the game.

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Surviving in the city of sin. A First Look at Fallout New Vegas.

by on Jul.09, 2010, under First Look

Fallout New Vegas

This is the right moment for the crippling arm pit shot!

There’s been a surge recently with games releasing sequels that look and feel suspiciously like add on packs. The recent Left 4 Dead game is a good example of this. The game mechanics stay the same, but the only new things are extra weapons, levels and characters; bonus content but the game’s the same in all respects. But some games are so near to perfection that bringing a sequel will; not dare deviate from the award winning formula. Call Of Duty comes to mind too often.


In my recent look at the new Deus Ex game I mentioned about some games setting the bar so high that it’s impossible for other games to be as good as, thus creating an endless stream of of shoddy copies that keep coming wit only a handful worth playing. Not only did Fallout 3 set that bar even higher for the RPG FPS genre, but also for the series itself.

Before the 3D fancy pants graphics that we have today that makes all games look the same standard of eye groping beauty, a lot more in depth games reverted to older graphic techniques. The previous Fallout games used the same engine, but each game got better and better with an astonishing amount of detail. Now that Fallout 3 has exhausted its run of amazing add on packs, is it time for a step into a new game?

Well yes, but how?

Surely an epic sized add on pack is what the sequel will most likely be? After viewing the trailer for the new game, we could be looking at a nice spice in the recipe. For a start, there appears to be a lot more people on the screen at once (a small detail to add, but that’s always something I notice). They have also adopted the Call Of Duty style iron sights aiming system which every game by law now has to use, as well as giving us some new environments. I say new; we’re still wandering the wastes, but this time, it’s near Las Vegas.

One of the only cities to be minimally effected by the blasts.

There are still super mutants skulking about and other Fallout hazards of course, but the buildings are all intact. Sounds exciting? This will no doubt open for some gambling sub games. Intel suggests that the player will not be a vault dweller, which is a nice change as that story was repeated more than a James Bond movie’s plot.

But out of all the new aspects of this upcoming title, there is one major thing that should give this game a lot more challenge. Behold the almighty Hardcore Mode™; a more realistic take on the game. Now your character requires to drink water, sleep, eat and healing will be a more laboured process.

Also, carrying capacity will be stricter. No it’s not Sims style game play; this is survival game play. The Fallout series is all about survival and I’m shivering with anticipation now that they’ve acknowledged the most basic survival instincts into the game.

Think about it: walking through the ruins of the future having to scavenge for sustenance, all the while trying to evade encounters with the monsters of the wastes. If it lives up to it’s promises, this will be more compelling than a deep bath of intrigue and yoghurt.

It may sound depressing and bleak on paper, but this will be the happiest I’ll be with my console until they install the firmware that rubs your head every time you fail at the game.

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Fallout 3

by on Jan.06, 2009, under Review, Video Games

Fallout 3 - Dogmeat

Top dogging!

It’s been ten gruelling years for the old fans, but the third instalment to one of the finest RPGs’ is here. Fallout 3 has you fighting for survival amongst the wastes of a nuclear bombed world (Washington DC to be exact). Think Mad Max meets I Am Legend, but with less Mel Gibson and more action. The game has an interesting structure where you start the game creating your characters’ appearance, sex, skills, favourite AC/DC song etc. After the ‘human play-doh mould’ process you play throughout key points in your childhood (in the safety of a communal nuclear bunker).

Happy life amongst the sterile neon glow of the bunker takes a gear change into abandonment, when your own father (soothingly voiced by A-list actor Liam Neeson) ventures into the outside world, leaving a trail of revelation and chaos behind. Already at this point of the adventure you are making choices that affect the rest of the course of the game. Morality and karma are major elements, affecting the reactions from characters and how the game ends.

Fallout 3 - Dead Mutant

The handstand gun!

The visuals are breathtaking; you can see for miles around, the attention to detail smothers you with atmosphere and the *ahem* violence is jaw dropping in its own sick right.

Fighting can be fought either in “real time!” or “turn based” depending on how lucky you feel, ending with nice slow motion deaths focusing on the juicy kill. A radiating experience that delivers a lasting experience. In other words; it’s the bomb!

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