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A letter to Infinity Ward. RE: Refund on Modern Warfare 2

by on Apr.23, 2010, under Review, Video Games

Dear Infinity Ward,

I am writing in regards to a possible refund on my purchase of your last title: ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – West Ham nil’ (excuse the crap joke, but I couldn’t resist). After a few weeks playing this game, I was convinced this was the only game I would ever need. Needless to say I was proven wrong. You may not have noticed my absence from your , frankly on retrospect, lagging servers, but I can assure that all my time put aside for playing military games has now been spent playing the, yet again frankly, superior ‘Battlefield Bad Company 2′. There are many reasons why this is technically better than your last attempt, so I will try and list clearly as possible.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 3For a start, you can ride vehicles. Yes, I know that you could ride a snow mobile for a small section of the one player mode as well as some scripted sections, but it’s pretty pitiful in comparison to BC2’s offering of jeeps, tanks, boats, helicopters and even a jet ski. Not only that, but some of the larger vehicles have multiple gunner seats. This feature has made game play far more compelling that MW2 and adds a good amount of variety in multiplayer matches, which brings me onto my next point.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 4Now you hold the crown for best online shooter. Your customisation system was pretty extensive, but frankly overblown. There are several weapons and abilities that I plan to never use unless forced to. Also, the pacing is too fast. My team will usually sprint around the place less like a military unit, but more like a school trip with no teacher. Teamwork is a foreign concept. Were it not for the points penalisation and friendly fire, I would have probably been gunned down by my co players just for them to upgraded themselves. You would need to take a look at BC2’s multiplayer. For a start, the pacing is far better. You have infinity sprint, but the players don’t gallop like caffeine snorting rats. Teamwork is also not only a bonus, but a must. The class system is used in this game and makes the experience far better. Different classes have different ways of providing much needed help to their team. The teams are also bigger and allow smaller squads allowing a more tactical approach to playing on the continent sized maps. There are minimal match modes, but quite frankly it only needs one: Rush mode. It’s what you people should have been doing with Modern Warfare 2 instead of this Capture The Flag malarkey. Rush mode takes place in several round and moves from one section of the map to another to simulate an attacking force advancing on a number of enemy bases. This is the closest to a war I’ve played in a game without it being a strung together collection of movie references (no offence!). And there’s not hyperactive prepubescent boys screeching my ear in matches, but I can’t blame that the game is so simple it attracts toddlers on you.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 2The one player mode in MW2 is still better for storyline purposes. I don’t think any other game will even dare to reach the level of Adam Ant madness that you offered in your campaign mode. But BC2 still lasted at least twice as long, so that’s another cross against you.

I end this letter saying that I don’t really hold too much hope of you bettering BC2 on your next offering (Modern Warfare 3: Everyone Dies), not unless you start treating your player like an adult rather than the sugar frothing child that he (most of the time) is. I’m not interested in your late and tacked on map pack. If you could please refund me the £60 I spent on the special edition copy of MW2 as soon as possible I won’t seek legal action.

Thank you for your time.

Will Preston

Ex-COD fan

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