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Where can I place bets on ‘Best RPG’?

by on Sep.29, 2010, under First Look

'Fallout: New Venis' is possibly in the works...

It’s a franchise that keeps promising the world on a plate but by the time this perfect cuisine reaches the table, we’re forking the life out of it. Bugs here. Glitch here. Empty promises on some aspects. But there’s still a good meal at the table, so there’s no point in noising around. The first Fable felt like a massive upgrade to Zelda. There were the usual Lionhead elements of good and evil choices being made woven into the typical RPG elements.

At first it felt only slightly out of the ordinary for this sort of affair, but it would soon turn out to be the tip of the tortoise head of what is leading to be an amazing concept; Working your way up from the lowest to the highest. From pauper to king. It’s basically what Grand Theft Auto have been replicating over again, but this time, Fable strike the lightening spell just right. I’ve only just completed the second Fable game and there is already mentions of what happens in the next instalment; a bit late for me at this stage as the news is already out. The news is that you can be a king! And not the floating around in the sky pointing at people in a Civilization way. Oh no! We’re on the lines of rolling up your sleeves if need be.

Fable 2 dabbled with this idea with letting you buy and own all the property in certain towns, but it was a hollow idea. I mean, once you’ve bought all the property that’s it. No ceremony. No recognition. Just a lot of income and property. It’s a bit like becoming the manager of a McDonalds store and finding yourself still wearing the crappy cap and serving grease to chavs. However, I imagine Burger King to uphold a respectable and strict hierarchy system. It’s in their name, for beefs sake! But coming back to the King concept, Peter Molyneux has given the good/evil system great potential of how much of a gods chosen monarch or right royal bastard you can be. After all, we’ve had our fair share in real life, eh? A major point of the story has already been revealed with the king feature in the form of another country by the name of Aurora. It would come as no surprise that your home country of Albion will wage a massive war against this country whilst you’re at the throne. It’s an exciting prospect for this series.

The furniture options are improving as well...

thing worth dribbling a bit at is the progression of setting. The first Fable was set in a typical medieval setting, the second based around the late 18th century with highwaymen and flintlocks, and now the third progresses that little bit more to bring us into the steam age. Think about it: Magic, swords and steam powered justice. That fapping noise you’re hearing is the physical delight of a group of steam punk enthusiasts. I don’t blame the fapping; early looks at Bowerstone give it a suitably more industrial feel with massive factories and steamboats. Whilst it’s a bit early to be labelling this as a possible perfect game, it’s sure is heading in the right direction.

We’ll have to wait til next month to see whether it will be crowned greatest RPG ever. With John Cleese and Simon Pegg already confirmed as voice actors, I know who’s side I’m on!

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