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Short Films

College 2007-08

On The Job

A light hearted peice created by myself and Stuart West for our first Media Studies AS Level task. For the film, we were asked to make a 3 minute short using a prop we were given; in this case a police hat. Donning the hat, I took the role of Officer B.J. Johnson, a man who thinks he’ an American cop. Stuart handled the editing, camerawork and driving, whilst I wrote the script. This was voted best in the class and still raises some laughs today; including the last joke, which I’m particularly proud of.

The Case

My A Level Film Studies film. I’m proud to say that I wrote, directed, starred and acted in this, making me a real Garth Marenghi. The story was originally supposed to have an amnesiac element, but I opted for the rearranged chronological order to slowly feed the viewer information of what is going on bit by bit. To this day, I don’t know where the case featured has got to. That’s the mystery!

And here are the bloopers: –

Hold The Line

A film by Joey Hoadley and Iain Anstee. I played the part of the unfortunate subject of what appears to be a dream sequence involving a phone ringing. A lot more was filmed, but lost in the editing process; including me almost falling into a huge pile of nettles. My blood went into this film, dammit!

Day Of The Insane Metallic Mutant From Hell

A film trailer to a non-existing film. This is mine and Stuart West’s Media Studies AS Level coursework. Heavily inspired by the trailers for 1950’s B-Movies (Ed Wood Juniors in particular, with a bit of old Doctor Who for good measure). Designing the monster to be a tinfoil monster is a satiric nod to the ineffective and frankly laughable costumes and props used during old B-Movies. As well as conceiving the idea and writing the script, I played the role of the monster, the general, one of the panicky crowd and the narrator. Stuart did a great job of editing again and designing the logo. The scene with the two small girls was filmed at the last minute at the kind permission of their mother.

As well as giving me and Stuart an A for the coursework, the film went on to win several awards; a VAMP (st Vincent Awards for Motion Picture) for best AS Media Studies trailer and two awards at the ‘Show Us Your Bits’ short film awards held at Southampton Solent University (Best AS Media Trailer and the Audience’s favourite award.

University 2008-11


My first short film at university. I decided to stop acting and stay behind the camera for this one. Things work a lot better when you don’t have to keep darting between on camera and behind the camera. Most of the film was shot in and outside my student halls of residents (Trafalgar Halls). It follows a similar plot to ‘The Case’ and the music was composed by Ben Harris-Hayes from progressive metal band Enochian Theory. That’s right; there is no breach of copyright in this film. For those wondering: the title is a word I made up.

Enochian Theory Documentary

A no budget documentary on Portsmouth based band Enochian Theory. The approach was to interview the guys and film them playing one of their songs. I still keep in contact with the band and try to promote them when possible….like right now! This project was also the first project between myself and Grant Clark; someone who I continue to work with on film projects.

Under My Skin

An idea by Sam Stockley. I was on the project as a production manager; in charge of organising crew, actors, health and safety and locations. One of the actors pulled out at the last minute so I stepped in. Grant Clarke, Sam Stockley and myself worked really well together on this one.

Shrodingers Box

An idea by me. Based heavily on the theory of Shrodingers Cat, this film starred a friend of mine, Sascha Eugenia Yourieff as the films protagonist. I wrote the screenplay, directed the filming and sound. The ‘noise’ is a combination of three different noises that, quite frankly, scare me beyond belief. Grant Clarke worked again with me on this project and alongside us was Jodie Pike. Jodie’s Partner, Charlie, provided transport as well as behind the scenes stills.

The Dinner Party

A film by Jamie Reid. I produced the film (and starred as an actor pulled out at the last minute), Jamie directed, Ed Corrigan did the camera work and Andy Prevett provided continuity and editing. The sound guy left his post, so we all had to jump in his place (again, at the last minute). Glenn Barr, Becki Short and Carl Welch were the actors for this piece and Joshua Buck provided the score.

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