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Wedgewood Rooms showcase 2010 – Heat 8

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

I suddenly feel the urge to rebel and 'take the power back'. So to speak...

Another metal round! Woo! Bring it together with denim and leather. Once again I was to decide which metal band in this metal head was going to get the pointing from the glorified hand…of metal. This heat moved a tad away from pure metal and decided to mix with that rap metal sort of thing that became irrelevant around seven years ago. Get yer red cap on and make some shameful songs!

The first band on is one of the only bands to activate my tickle mechanism. I couldn’t fathom how they saw themselves as a good band. They went by the name of Sidelined and were inconsistent in every way possible. For a start, only half of the members could be bothered to put on the death metal style black and white face paint. The other guys looked like they had been scared into doing it at the last minute. Either that or they simply ran out of face paint backstage. Amateurs. And the band were just sloppy. It was out of time and there was no way I could make out the sound of the guitarist and bassist. The drummer was the only notable member as he was more than capable and stood out a fair bit. As for the rapping, I couldn’t make hip nor hop of it due to the rappers desire to lick the microphone. A band seriously in need of an intense practice session and perhaps a new direction.

Out came a table with a globe on it. With some effect pedals. What the hell was going to happen next. From my research, I saw that the next band on (Drunk On The Blood Of A Unicorn) featured members from the infamous Jez North. A little bit of wee came out. What happened next was a blur. The lead singer, because that’s the closest position I could possibly attach him to, started producing a elongated and terrifying noise from his effect pedal armed microphone-table-globe monstrosity. The drummer came in and then the rest of the band. They only had one song and it lasted for the entire 25 minute set. It can only be described as music to have an enema to. And I loved it. You rarely see anything like this at local gigs. The last 10 minutes did drag a tad though, but that’s the price to pay for originality.

Tonight’s winners were unexpected, but the crown of metal went to Urban Disturbance. Gosport’s answer to Rage Against The Machine. As if Gosport needed one in the first place. I had heard of these guys before and I was gearing myself up for a terrible set, but they were actually not that bad. The songs had my head nodding, it was tight and the two way rap vocal duo was impressive. They had the crowd going ,mainly because they bought most of the crowd with them; a gaggle of teens struggling to get served at the bar and under the impression that this was the most heavy band they would ever see. Bless their cottons. As with most bands, there was room for improvement, but one huge overlying problem hung over them like the turd covered sword of dung-ocles. Twenty years ago, Rage Against The Machine pretty much had this area covered. Urban Disturbance are a formidable Rage cover band at best. Best of luck to them in the semi’s. They might need to bring all sixty residents from Gosport to win.

The last band on were the closest to typical metal. In fact they went past typical and were teetering towards the generic pitfall. Angry man music with a lot of technical guitar paying. A worthy support act to a more establish metal band, but I couldn’t really see these guys breaking out for themselves. The stage presence wasn’t bad at all. Lots of hair swinging, guitar posing and the lead singer moved around a lot. However, the vocals tired after the first song and the set started to grate. A bit of improvement is needed here. That and maybe some more visual distraction from the audio disruption.

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