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The Wedgewood Rooms Showcase 2010 – Heat Two

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Is the one on the left hiding some embarrassing underpants stains in the washing machine?

Every now and again when the laws of nature leave early for the night, handing the work experience kid the keys, A chain of natural occurring events leads to the decision by the Wedgewood Rooms to make me a judge at the Wedgewood Rooms Showcase. It’s one of the biggest battle of the bands in the south and has given a lot of bands the opportunity to expose their talent/lack of (delete where appropriate).


Last night’s heat was an interesting one, even though it was more than transparent that the losing bands had no chance whatsoever against the winner. A band known as Mercury Rising had pulled out at the last minute, allowing us to close shop early.

The first band slot is always a light one. Something to ease you into the night. The Fun Bus were that kind of light, despite having a band name with questionable undertones. Only if you read into that sort of thing like I do, mind. I say light, however, it was dull. Rather dull.

When you think of ska, you think of a party with people bouncing and a lot of brass. Well there was a lot of brass, but it metaphorically, and literally, stood to the side of the stage. It didn’t stand out like a good brass ensemble should do. However, fighting for the front of the stage would have turned out into a war as the band had a total of nine players. They could fill up a minibus, easily, but whether or not that will be a ‘fun bus’ is a different matter altogether.

This raised an issue of redundant positions in the band. Two guitarists doing the same thing just muddys the sound. The keyboardist could have filled this part, but wasn’t standing out at all. Nevermind! They’re young and they will learn.

Wood The Monkey. Wood The Monkey do what? I kept scratching my hairy ape head trying to work out if this was a private joke or just a crap name. It certainly provided a needed distraction from the set. It was terrible. Cookie cutter pop rock played sloppily and presented by what can only be described as a fallen children’s TV presenter. At one point he introduced a song by making violent monkey noises. His dignity was obviously popping out for a fag around that point.

I came away from their set with absolutely nothing. Plus the drummers used condom looking hat just angered me. As soon as the last song was finished, I went outside to pinch a fag off the lead singers dignity. How’s that for irony?

I hate it when an obvious winner pops up as you can’t find any criticism. You start staring at them long enough hoping that you can find a chink in their armour to exploit for a couple of words before struggling to extend the words ‘you’re great’ into a paragraph.

What can I say about 10p Short? Well if you like recent Kings of Leon (you’re dead to me if you are) you’ll love this. It’s well performed and professional sounding pop rock with a mature and tender edge to it. Make out music for yuppies, basically.

They even managed a four way vocal harmony which was nothing less than pitch perfect. Damn you 10p Short for not making my job in finding things to improve upon easy. Plus they had the image going on which helped in their favour.

I’m not gay.

When a novelty act comes to these contests, you really need to question if there’s any real future for them. Bobby Random entered the stage dressed up like Mexicans and made everyone howl just by trying to affect an accent. It was funny for a bit, but got rather too silly for my liking.

But they played tightly and were fun to watch. I can’t really see this act taking off unless they focused towards the comedy side of things, but come on; the market for that’s a bit thin around here.

A bit of a mixed heat, but we already have a great contender and some eye candy.

For the women, I mean.

I’m not gay!

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