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Kick ass rawk, crap Muse cover and Enochian Theory

by on Jun.07, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Enochian Theory - 1

Type EPIC into Google image search and this image comes up followed by a picture of Dio fighting Vlad the Impaler with a motorcycle

There are a small amount of bands that I would be willing to crawl naked on my hands and knees through Southampton to see. Enochian Theory are one of them. So are Rush, but they wouldn’t know what Southampton is let alone play there. But there you go, I ventured out to see a band that put on such a good performance and give the genre of progressive metal a great name that I forgot to get dressed.

As usual, they played their hearts out despite having a poor turnout due to the event being promoted as much as Big Foot’s solo career. Supporting these gods of metal were Preacher, a kick ass rawk band, and Condemed To Sin who couldn’t kick ass if the ass was attached to their feet sharply.

Preacher started the show promisingly with a a typical hard rock sound heard through a dozen bands, but still sounded great and grabbed my interest by the balls. It was just a shame that Condemed To Sin caused a lull in the show by bringing their whooping girly entourage, poor Muse cover and drummer with “Six weeks experience with the band”. This sorry lot decided to make a break for it after their set before anyone had the chance to boo them, something which I was making a run up to do.

Wasted shoe leather for nothing.

Washing the awful sound out my ears were Enochian Theory finally on stage blasting my mind with a ray of energised metal, that not only blew my mind, but sucked it back in as well. For three piece band, they really know how to project their sound. Fans of Tool and Porcupine Tree will drop to their knees when seeing them to be frank. Seeing how empty the venue was, Ben, the frontman, kept a great sense of humour about it and provided high calibre banter poking fun at the situation. A true performer.

The set was flawless and gig left me wanting more. More Enochian Theory, more deserved publicity for this event and more than a 6 week period for a drummer before you gig. Otherwise you just look twattish. But do check out Enochian Theory. In fact, why are you reading this review? Why not go on their website (www.enochiantheory.co.uk) right now and purchase a CD, and another one just in case the other one breaks or gets lodged in a storm drain. It sounds silly, but it does happen!

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