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Porcelain Coins, Champ Of The Day and At Last @ The Fuzzy Duck

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Gigs, Music, Review

Porcelain CoinsWell here I am again down Guildhall walk on a Sunday night at the Fuzzy Duck exactly a month from my last venture. Maybe there’s a voodoo spell going on or something bizarre. As all Sunday nights, this one was generally quiet; the first time I could hear myself think at a gig. After an hour and a half of nice noise from the DJ, the first act came on. It wasn’t my bag in the slightest. The acoustic whining duo proclaimed themselves ‘At Last’ (ironically, the same words I used at the end of the set). I’m not saying they were completely awful. Both musicians were confident and the singer had talent, but what came out was a semi final worthy X Factor song; a hollow pop affair. It kept the gaggle of girly worshippers satisfied, but I didn’t dig it at all, especially when they ended with a cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. That song should be sealed in cement and buried in 2003.

The next act were a slight improvement, but still not hitting it for me. ‘Champ Of The Day’ are your archetypical pop punk band. They were loud, fast and clean shaven. Not a ‘tash among the bunch. In between there songs about young people’s activities and whatnot, there was a tad too much banter. One such run was a “retro” matey talk about wrestling. This led them to play a song about their favourite wrestler. Yes, the set was that kind of nature. Watered down and harmless, but not all that terrible. Well, apart from them playing out of tune slightly, but isn’t that’s what punk is all about? Am I right? They left the stage, but left nothing for me to take away. Bless ’em. Surprisingly, the final band of the evening really turned around the curve and fashioned it into something nice. You can do lots of things with curves, you know. With a big sound that really opened my ears (with interest, not tinnitus),

‘Porcelain Coin’ made me forget there were three bands playing. Here is an act that sounded great and had the confidence to move around the twister mat sized stage they had to hand. It was a shame there were very few people present to witness this deserving act. The vocals were just fantastic; the kind where you’re constantly waiting for them to go wrong. And I mean constantly. They never go wrong. Awesome voice, awesome sound altogether. Finishing of this varied sandwich was DJ Will Chump keeping the atmosphere going til midnight. I wish I didn’t start early on Mondays.

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