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Sherlock Holmes

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Films, Review

Sherlock HolmesThey’ve ruined it! Why did they do him up as a sexy action hero? Why can’t they just stop doing fancy soulless remakes of timeless classics? These were the thoughts jumping around my head when I saw Robert Downey Jr looking sexy as the great detective on the poster. In all honesty though, Robert Downey Jr would always look sexy in whatever role he plays. Should they remake ‘The Elephant Man’ with him in the titular role, they would have to rewrite the role of John Merrick being a dashing hunk who’s (sexy) disfigurement has earned him the nickname “Elephant Man”, but for a different meaning (you know what I’m on about!).

Gross innuendos aside, I decided to go against my whining judgement and give this film a go. After all, it is directed by Guy Ritchie (‘Snatch’ will always remain a classic British film to me). Starting off very fast paced, the film follows as eccentric Holmes, and his partner Watson (Played politely by smarmy sod Jude Law), through a dark and macabre mystery in jolly ol’ London town. The 19th century backdrop is beautiful. I found myself being hypnotised by moonlight casting looming shadows across the cities sprawling grey buildings. It feels like a fantasy film at times due to this and also due to Holmes’ quest to uncover the mystery of the immortal Lord Blackwood, a cross between Dracula and gothic accountant. Holmes is an intriguing character in the film. His detective abilities go beyond admirable, so much so that it’s almost like he has a sixth sense. Jude’s Watson character is played very calm and modestly against Robert’s seemingly autistic Holmes. In some places it feels like a marvellously scripted Victorian version of Lethal Weapon; I swear Watson almost said “I’m too old for this shit”. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing.

I do enjoy a good cop buddy romp, especially when there’s a goo connection between the two lead actors. Ritchie’s direction on the film is another tip of the cap. The film moves at a nice pace with some great scenes and, almost comical, music by Hans Zimmer. If you’re new to Conan Doyles famous detective, don’t pass this movie by. If you’re a die hard fan, view this with an open mind. Sherlock Holmes can be sexy too!

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