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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

by on Oct.07, 2009, under Films, Review

Transformers 2Optimus Prime and crew return for an extended CGI-fest of disappointment. The plot follows directly from the first film. The Autobots (good robots) have joined forces with the American military (because no other country has an army, right?) to rid the earth of the evil Decepticons. On top of this, Sam Witwicky (played terribly by Shia Labeouf) is starting his freshman year of college (familiar feeling?).

The opening scenes show promise of an epic film, but for some reason it goes downhill sharply from there. Whilst the first film was a tad disappointing, the CGI effects redeemed it. But with this shoddy sequel, the transformers effects just feel rough around the edges and bland, as if it was more obviously fake. Director Michael Bay obviously couldn’t decide whether he wanted to make a sci fi film or a spoof movie. Whilst there is a lot of gun toting and transforming action, there were too many uncomfortable and unneeded “comedy” moments, as well as the inclusion of comic relief transformers who did nothing but cringe the living daylights out of me. Some scenes, would have felt more at home in a ‘Scary Movie’ film. The plot progresses in a very predictable fashion and lingers too heavily on pointless scenes.

Obviously, this wasn’t meant to be anything more than a brainless action affair (nothing wrong with that), but this film somehow takes a winning formula and sneezes it over the floor. The acting was terrible, The effects were lacking and my childhood memories have been wounded. Transformers 2 is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I just hope Bay will take the words of Matt Stone and Trey Parker on board and stop making movies.

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