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Inglorious Basterds

by on Sep.29, 2009, under Films, Review

Inglourious BasterdsTwo hours of Nazi killing directed by Quentin Tarantino in the style of a western. Can you think of something better to watch? I had my doubts about Trantino’s integrity as a director when I went to see this. As soon as the words “Once upon a time…in Nazi occupied France” came onto the screen, I was engrossed.

The revenge plot is set up perfectly from the start and the introduction of Brad Pitt’s Tennessee bred lieutenant had me laughing with his typical American hero motif. Whilst Pitt gave a good performance, his limelight was blitzkrieg’d by Austrian born stage actor Christopher Waltz playing the enchanting, yet sinister, SS Lt Hans Landa. Waltz’s performance was a rare joy to watch (and should be occupying this years Oscar for best actor). Every time his character came on screen I felt like openly applauding in the crowded cinema. The plot is simple to follow; It’s 1944. A team of Jewish American soldiers are dropped into Nazi occupied France to do one thing: Kill and scalp Nazi’s. Lovely. A parallel plot features a French Jewish girl planning a revenge plot after her family were killed by the command of Hans Landa.

It’s by far the most anti Nazi film I have seen, and probably the most entertaining World War film to date. There’s no cheesy bravado or anti war themes, just gripping dialogue, vengeance and good old ultra violence. After the second time seeing this film, I still can’t decide whether this has bettered Pulp Fiction. This film doesn’t take itself seriously at all, yet is highly authentic, and features quite a shocking (yet satisfying) ending. I would happily pay triple to see this again.

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