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Chris Cornell – Scream

by on Apr.27, 2009, under Albums, Music, Review

Chris Cornell ScreamWith a music career spanning two big bands over two decades, Chris Cornell is well known around the music scene, fronting the rock giants “Soundgarden” and “Audioslave”. He furthered his exposure by providing the powerful theme for the recent Bond film “Casino Royal”. Things are going to keep getting bigger and better, it would seem.

Not only were my assumptions wrong, but my hopes had been deflated and defiled, and later slapped around my tearful face a number of times. The bullet that shot down what faith I had for Cornell’s future came in the form of “Scream”; a joint misadventure with R&B star “Timbaland”. By now, you should be familiar with the robotic ditty “Part of Me”, the monotonous single. The album opens with its most well known song and gets worse from there, sowing a trail of dreary electronic boredom along its way. As hard as it is for me to express this without convulsing violently, Cornell’s voice does suit the R&B genre uncomfortably well. His bluesy grind eases the pain slightly, but can’t distract you enough from the depths of hell the music is dragging him to. Despite a couple of tracks that are average at best, the only real redeeming feature about this album is hearing Chris’s soothing vocals.

Hopefully this will just be forgettable detour rather than a future path, or perhaps the cue for “Soundgarden” to regroup. “Scream” is the musical equivalent of missing your bus on the way to work and having to walk 5 miles in heavy rain. If there is justice in the world, a black hole sun would come and wash away the pain that this album has caused.


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