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Rise Against – Audience Of One single

by on Apr.15, 2009, under Albums, Music, Review

Rise Against - Audience Of OneI feel like such an old man when these new American bands get talked about around my social groups. They’re all a bit of fun right? Here’s a band with some interesting views on the world; well with a name like “Rise Against” you can expect some kind of cutting social commentary. This new single “Audience of One” plays like a tired song. The tune is too predictable and progression through the song just seems like a boring and mundane affair.

It tends to follow the pattern of bands today that write the same paint by numbers material that all ends up sounding the same, almost blurring together like a large unoriginal blob. “Nickelback”, I’m looking at you when I say this. I admit, that this isn’t my main choice of music, but I’ve heard some great material from this band, so it’s a bit sad to see an act that showed a bit of promise go down the same dull path that has consumed other young acts in the past. “Green Day” and “Offspring” are fine examples.

Are they trying a more radio friendly approach to spread their message, or have they just run out of ideas and can’t help but write songs, no matter how sleep inducing they may be? Hopefully, this will just be the cashing in single that helps the sale of an album with an impressive track listing, but that’s unlikely.


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