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by on Mar.23, 2009, under Review, Video Games

Psychonauts - Cast

It's either fat or thin in this game

For those of you that have been into gaming most of your life, “Monkey Island” will be sure to turn on that light bulb in your head. Back in the day, LucasArts was well known for adventure games with wit, with the talented writer/programmer Tim Schafer providing us with these games like “Day of the Tentacle” and “Grim Fandango”. After LucasArts decided to continue milking Star Wars, there was a decline in these games. Fast forward to the XBOX era and a cult classic passes by.

Psychonauts is Tim Schafer’s latest game. You take control of a young boy named Raz, a boy with psychic powers, as he is embroiled in an evil scheme at a psychic summer camp involving stealing the brains of children. Upon reading this, you are probably raising your eyebrows trying to comprehend this, but it makes sense if you play the game. The characters are wacky, diverse and wouldn’t feel place out of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Psychonauts - Rails

Finding your bearings here requires the power of Hunter S Thompson

In terms of gameplay, imagine an old PC style adventure that plays like Mario 64, but with python-esque humour injected. The game has you entering the minds of certain people, battling inside the worlds that make up their dreams and nightmares. Of course, you are equipped with an array of abilities, such as floating, pyrokenesis and seeing through the eyes of your enemies. Very rarely does a game this original come by, and with it being made available on the XBOX 360 marketplace, you don’t have an excuse to say no.


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