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When I’m not busy battling the evil scum of the underworld with my sidekick, Nelson Mandela Boy, I take the position of radio DJ. I’ve been doing this since 2007…which is frightening. When it comes to influences, I would probably go with John Peel, Kenny Everett and Tommy Vance; John Peel for his fantastic approach to new and unheard music, Kenny Everett for his wacky sense of humour and Tommy Vance for his epic voice.

Below is a list of radio station’s I’ve worked with alongside some examples of my work.

Radio Haslar

2007 – 2008

My first ever time in radio! This was (and still is) a hospital radio station. Don’t be fooled by the name, though; the station is now installed at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital due to Haslar hospital being closed down (…don’t look at me!). During this time I learned the basics of radio and worked on my ‘radio voice’. The show I regularly presented was a request show. This involved me having to go around the wards before the show started to visit the patients and ask what songs they would like to hear. I once got a request for Rage Against The Machine but we couldn’t play it. After nearly a year at the station, I moved over to Portsmouth and became busy with university life. Fun days!


2008 – Present

Now here’s where things really got interesting. As soon as I started university I hunted down this station like Lady GaGa looking for attention. Within a the first month I had my own radio show, You Say, Will Plays. After winning PURE FM awards and achieving ‘PURE FM Show Of The Fortnight’, I looked at joining  up with the station committee. After an election at the end of my first year at uni, I was crowned Music Manager (a position I wanted to change to ‘Music Furor’. Sadly they wouldn’t let me change it to that, which was a shame as I bought a nice trench coat to go with it. Just my luck really! In the second year, You Say, Will Plays was given a two hour slot and I was also given a second show, In The Studio. This second show was me inviting a band into the studio where I would play their songs and interview them about their music; something we used to do for You Say, Will Plays,  but it got too cluttered having over 5 people in the studio at once. During this time at PURE FM, I also managed to secure interviews with touring bands, the two that I’m most proud of being Lexie Foxxx (bass player for Steel Panther) and Dave ‘Roadsy’ Roads (guitarist for Airbourne). The interviews are in YouTube form below.


Lexi Foxxx (Steel Panther)


Those were the words used when I heard about this. There was also a lot of sweating and jumping around going “yay!”. Lexie Foxxx was at an airport hotel in London after flying over from LA the previous day. I had to cycle over to Express FM 97.3’s studios to conduct this interview. I was very lightheaded once I finished recording this interview, I can tell you!

Word of warning: this contains strong language and long talks about STDs. Throw children out of the room at your discretion.

Dave “Roadsey” Roads (Airbourne)

Another one I emptied my bladder once the offer came up. I already had tickets to see Airbourne play at the Portsmouth Guildhall that night, so this was a nice little thing to accompany it with. When I met Rhoadsey, it was the first time I’ve ever gone awkward with my voice; completely starstruck I was! After I talking about rubbish and photographing him making a coffee, we sat down to interview. I would also like to add that he offered to make me a coffee. This fact alone makes me the coolest person in the PO4 area. After the interview, he was a real gentleman. We talked about comedy and I found out he’s rather keen on Bottom, Alan Partridge and Black Books.

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