Will Preston

Survivor of the Portsmouth Blackout

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Opinion

Portsmouth Blackout - 1

Whilst this isn't my desk, it could easily have been mine or yours. Feel the fear!

Yellow lights scraped my eyes with an unwelcome swipe. A second later , I was kissing a shop doorway in the least dignified way possible.

Full pucker, but no passion; my nose flattened a quarter. My leg was more aware of my house keys in my pocket then ever.

Walking in a straight line was no longer a challenge, but an unreachable quest. Keeping my head down, I avoided the glance of onlookers and giggled
to myself.

Reaching home, I had no restraint of consuming what I hoped to be sustenance. But it could easily be a charred organ.

Either way it was down the hatch. A greasy treat. Tanning my face with the LCD monitor, I moved onto the tube of sugar nice. A can of Pepsi.

This would be the best can ever. The next can would be the best can ever. No sooner had I began to stare again at the screen something wasn’t right.

Within a second I realized what I was perceiving; the world switched off.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 0110

I needed no vision for this task. As if attached to a wire, my arm retrieved my phone and reached for contact with my housemate.

“Powers out everywhere, you’d best get some sleep.”

Sleep now? Well, maybe. I had become very tired and I don’t want to deal with whatever disaster could be whilst sober. The world became darker
and drifted away as soon as I became horizontal.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 0820

My head! This is not good. My electricity! This is just bad! I can’t get out of bed. This is horrible. Why is the world…drifting….

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1102

Well that was a random nap. No power? No shops? No food…

Well best finish me book.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1421

Book finished. George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Now I’m angry at the world. First it was due to lack of power, now it’s also due to the society system that keeps a constant enemy for the sake of progress and renders the proletarians to a powerless mass. That and I can’t play my XBOX. Best get up and get my pajamas on. No one wants to see my willy. Not even my own willy could stand it’s own reflection.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1500

Bass playing. Haven’t done it in a while. Well had to play in a quiet area and prick my ears up as I can’t use an amp. Or an effects pedal.
Or a backing track. Life is pathetic.

At least I got some new riffs out.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1600

This is like a zombie movie. The shops are boarded up and everyone around me is hungry and confused. The only thing I could get was a can of relentless, a baguette and some crisps. This is too odd. Some of the shops are still on and the traffic lights are working. It’s a conspiracy!!!

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1712

I give up! I might as wells tart cleaning. It’s the only thing I can dot hat doesn’t completely depend on electricity.

Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1800


Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1830


Saturday 26th June 2010 – 1831

The power is back on! God exists! Everything is good in the world.

The rest of the day was spent playing the XBOX.


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