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Evil Scarecrow, Bloodworks and Octogon @ The Edge Of The Wedge

by on Apr.08, 2010, under News

Evil Scarecrow - 1

Evil Scarecrow

To make a scene at the first metal gig I’ve been to in a while, I tried on my leather trousers. After spending 2 years in the cupboard, it is now fact that they do not fit. Denim it was then. Squeezing into a nearly packed Edge of the Wedge, I decided to sober myself up for once so I could truly appreciate the talent I was about to see. This actually worked. Anyway, onto the bands.

According to the first band (Octogon), this was their first gig and they had only had one band practice. Whilst the set was predictably sloppy, they were still entertaining in their self mocking comedy style. Songs such as ‘Naked Germans’ and something about liking corn beef played in the heaviest possible way by, what looked like, a punk group. I couldn’t imagine any act that these guys couldn’t open for without being entertaining. They could open for Kanye West and I’d still pay for entry.

Bloodworks - 1


The next act (Bloodworks) are not only the youngest metal band I’ve seen, but also the best band to have a poo to. I found this out during their first song when nature sent me a text message. Sounding like Slayer and looking barely in their teens, Bloodworks were just…heavy. All three bands were heavy, but Bloodworks take you by surprise. Already this heavy and tight at such a young age, if these metal munchkins keep at it, we’ll be looking at an act bigger than Dethklok. Pretty brutal.

And then came the best band I’ve seen in make up. Looking like extras from a Rob Zombie film about a death metal cult, Evil Scarecrow did wonders at working a crowd. They could have done the same without make up, but you know how these things are. The moment they announced that one of their songs was called ‘Vampire Trousers’ I could tell that this was a rare thing, a death metal band with a sense of self parody. I’ve never seen such a hyperactive guitarist either. The stage wasn’t big enough for him, which is why he abandoned it to play standing up on the bar, laughing in the face of health and safety. A rather welcome cover of the Thundercats theme tune as well as getting the crowd to “do the robot” simultaneously made everyone go crazy for them. My throat is in shreds from repeatedly praising them in person after the gig.

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