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In the future everything will be sepia and kick arse! – First Look at Deus Ex Human Revolution

by on Jul.06, 2010, under First Look

Deus Ex 3

Our hero modeling for either a sofa, cigarette, whiskey or army advert...

The problem with great games is they set the bar too high and cause time and energy to be wasted in trying to replicate that moment of glory where a gem was created. One of my all time favourite games set that bar for RPG FPS’s so high, that nothing else apart from that title could satisfy me.


Granted, this sounds like the first ramblings of a gaming junkie, but the first Deus Ex was such a marvel for narrative and character building in a game that I will probably attempt to complete it for the 9th time as soon as you’ve read this. If anything, it will quench my gaming lust after the gaming hard-on that’s been cursed upon me; the trailer for the third in the series.

Now the second Deus Ex game was a bit of a mess. It was based further in the future and left a lot of the charm and longevity behind. It was a still a good game, but awkward and felt a bit cold, like seeing a sequel to a film where the lead character has been replaced with another actor and you’re too busy comparing him to the previous actor to notice whether or not he is good in his own right.

As I said, it was a pretty high bar that’s raised.

Anyway, onto this rampaging hard on. After much chit chat and nitter natter, we are now in possession of some hard evidence. There is another Deus Ex game. And it looks too promising to be real. For a start, it’s set before the events that occurred in the other games and focuses on the mechanized cyborgs, whilst the augmented cyborgs are yet to be.

In fact they are a plot point.

It’s the year 2027, only 17 years from now, and there is chaos conspiracy and lots of people acting like they’re on the set of Blade Runner. You play as Adam Jensen, a man with cyborg arms and a reoccurring Icarus-themed dream. His cyborg arms are powerhouses, transforming to inbuilt guns, to turning him invisible when he sees fit, or to impress people.

It’s impressed me.

From the in game screenshots, we could be looking at a Gears Of War style camera view, with some possible great fighting moves if the trailers anything to go by. Detroit of the future takes your breath away on its first look. It’s a future dystopia with some excellent futuristic buildings nudging away the 20th century architecture out of existence.

It’s the closest thing we’re getting a a Blade Runner setting.

Of course, the graphics looks second to none, but that’s to be expected with every game nowadays. Not many details have been shown about the gameplay mechanics, so here’s fingers crossed that they can do a Falloutl 3 and make it more in depth and engaging than the first game.

Reach for that bar, Eidos. Reach for that bar.

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