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Breaking the law, Breaking the law (…of physics). A first look at Crackdown 2.

by on Jun.15, 2010, under First Look

Crackdown 2 - 1

From looking at the forefront zombie, Beadles death was a hoax...

Grand Theft Auto with super human policeman, futuristic technology and a game engine that makes the laws of physics book a session with a psychiatrist. Now that’s putting the ridiculous-o-meter past the Michael Bay limit already, but zombie mutants?! Either the game concept was dictated by a 5 years old on Tizer or Ruffian Games might be treating us to a mouthwateringly epic gaming experience.

The original Crackdown was one of the XBOX 360’s pick up and play launch titles from Realtime Worlds, a company composed of the people responsible controversy-em-up, Grand Theft Auto, before it became a Rockstar. As well as the obvious superhuman moves and endless methods of throwing cars at people, the game was very user friendly and didn’t get itself bogged down with a story.

Unlike the recent string of GTA games, Crackdown pushed you head first in the deep end without so much as a training level for you to make all the wrong decisions on. And it didn’t matter. The game is so retardedly simple that an arthritic horse could get used to the game mechanics in a short space of time. After a barrage of endless sandbox games, Microsoft gave nod and wink for the release of the sequel, Crackdown 2, set for release at the beginning of next month. ‘How in the name of car throwing Jesus are they going to top the first game’ I hear you cry.

Well for a start, they have decided to take the route of improving ways to make cars fly out of their natural tarmac habitat. One of the newest gadgets is a magical energy bungee cord. Like a sticky mine, you place one end to one thing and the other to another and the lighter of the two objects will be dragged to the other point. This has lead to a worryingly large amount of clips involving a string of three cars and a truck being dragged up a building as well as the invention of the worlds first car based catapult.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry of happiness.

Another striking addition is the feature of the mutants. They’re really just zombies for all intents and gaming purposes. If you can remember one of the gangs in the last game were doing some *cough*RESIDENT EVIL*cough* experiments that gave fruition to a gaggle of half-man half-Golem antagonists. For no reason whatsoever. Well this shallow aspect has now been turned into a full feature and will feature hordes of zombie/mutants/scum hoarding the streets at night. If there’s anything zombie games need it’s a more flexible physics engine.

Whilst this could be a fine example of what a sandbox game should be, it could also be a fine example of what a zombie game should be. Either that or a great argument in the case to get the laws of physics banned for being too silly.


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