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Surviving the zombie apocalypse until season 5 – A look so far at The Walking Dead videogame

by on Jun.24, 2014, under Movie Pilot, Review, Video Games


Right now, it’s the early autumn of the year as most of the great shows on television have their end of season break.

Mad Men has already polished off the first half of its final season and Game of Thrones is just about to squeeze the last couple of episodes out like someone popping open a man’s head (SPOILER ALERT – someone on that show dies). The Walking Dead will be entering it’s fifth season later this year, and it’s really starting to catch up with the original comic series, instead of lingering on a farm waiting for the barn to burst open (SPOILER ALERT – someone on that show is a zombie). If, like me, you are getting too fidgety to wait for the next instalment of the shambler drama, AND you’re a keen gamer, then the videogame adaption is exactly what you need.

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Remembering Rik Mayall: Bottom

by on Jun.14, 2014, under Opinion, The Palace of Wisdom


Far be it for me to be impacted by a celebrity’s death, but we’ve had a fair few recently. Some rolled the changes in the world that shaped the ever-improving modern society. Some Were responsible for cultural revolutions. Others just simply made us laugh. Rik Mayall was one of them. Another icon in British comedy who has left their mark in our splitting sides.

Everyone will be in different camps to whom they associate this rubber-faced force of funny, from the hypocritical teenage whining of The Young Ones, the anarchic (sort of) children’s tale of Drop Dead Fred, or even that small cameo he played in the classic horror comedy move American Werewolf in London (He’s in there for about 10 seconds). For myself, I will always remember him for Bottom.

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Gotham: will the TV show live up to the Batman legacy?

by on Jun.14, 2014, under First Look, Movie Pilot


If there’s one comic book universe that has been picked apart, scraped, explored, not to mention crossed-over, it’s Batman’s.

More than just a base film and television fodder, the Dark Knight’s home city of Gotham has provided DC fans with more side-stories, team ups, and case files than Stan Lee could ever Marvel up. And no need for alternate dimensions, either. As was proven with Christopher Nolan’s spectacular The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy, you can take the character and his universe and twist it into something new. But just how far can you twist the legend until you’re not even focusing on the hero himself?

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